For drivers that need a pickup that strikes a balance between light-duty and extra strength, there’s the Ram 2500 to consider. Of course, large and powerful engines, a high level of utility, and massive off-road capability are its well-known traits. However, the Ram 2500 should be noted for its vast array of configurations and loads of standard features.

Versatile Capability

The Ram 2500 offers you a choice between two cabs: the two-door Regular Cab and the larger, four-door Crew Cab. If you want a choice between a 6-foot-4-inch bed and a longer, 8-foot one, go for the Crew Cab; the Regular Cab is only available with the 8-foot bed. Regardless of which cab-and-bed configuration you go with, you’re getting a truck that is strengthened by galvanized steel-and-aluminum construction without feeling too heavy to drive. And, if you need more fuel capacity on the Crew Cab, you can choose a 50-gallon tank, which is a new option for this model year.

Interior and Technology

The Regular Cab seats up to three people while the Crew Cab seats up to six. A six-speaker AM/FM stereo system keeps you entertained, with Bluetooth enabling you to stream audio and make or receive hands-free phone calls. And an LCD monitor displays infotainment information.


For this model year, Ram introduces lane-keeping assist and adaptive steering as safety options. The former warns you when you are getting too close to the lane markings without signaling, and the latter adjusts steering to road conditions and your driving habits. Six airbags are present for providing restraint and cushioning if a crash occurs. ABS with brake assist combine forces in providing additional stopping power when necessary, as well as prevent wheel lockup when the brakes are suddenly applied. And with electronic stability control and traction control, keep your tires planted on the surface and on your intended path.

Test Drive a Ram 2500 Today

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