The 2020 Ram 2500 at Iverson Auto has a variety of great performance and safety features to ease your mind while you are on the road. Every feature is designed to add a little bit of convenience to your life whether it is fuel economy, power, or the safety of you and your passengers. Whatever you need in a work truck, you are sure to find it in the new Ram 2500.


With the new 2020 Ram 2500, you are given two engine options which are the Cummins turbo diesel engine or the HEMI® V8. The Cummins is designed to be more muscular for towing, while the HEMI® delivers a staggering amount of horsepower. By having these powerful engine options, you are given great payload capacity and excellent handling capabilities that will allow you to use this truck for work or for hitting all your favorite off-road trails in or around the Mitchell, SD area whether it is rainy, snowy, or sunny.


Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control can benefit you greatly by reducing the number of times you have to press on the brake and acceleration when using cruise control. Thankfully for you, this feature will automatically reduce your 2020 Ram 2500's speed to match the vehicle ahead of you.

Blind-Spot Monitoring

With this feature, you will be provided with immediate audible and visual alerts when another vehicle is entering the blind area of your truck while you are switching lanes on the highway or turning onto another road in Mitchell, SD.

>Forward Collision Warnings

If your Ram 2500 detects any type of obstacle or road hazard that could cause a forward collisions, you will be sent audible and visual warnings to help you avoid an unnecessary accident with passengers in your vehicle.

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