The Jeep Cherokee's Emergence as a Fan Favorite

The Jeep brand is known for producing vehicles that are durable and reliable. Many Jeeps are built for all-weather types and a variety of terrains. Jeep vehicles are touted for their ability to go wherever Mitchell, SD drivers take them and do it with ease. This versatility evolved into every aspect of auto development throughout their model lineup, including the design of the Jeep Cherokee.

Where Does the Cherokee Fall in the Jeep Model Lineup?

It's safe to say that in addition to all of its awards and splendor, the Jeep Cherokee falls into the category of Jeeps that are smaller to medium in size. In relation to the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee, the Jeep Cherokee exhibits a larger size. Yet, in relation to the Compass, Renegade, and Gladiator, the Jeep Cherokee is a smaller sized vehicle. As one of Jeep's most configurable vehicles, the Cherokee has ways of generating more interior space for specific Mitchell, SD circumstances that require it.

Jeep Cherokee Interior Space Stats

The Jeep Cherokee features an impressive five trim levels that don't necessarily affect interior space specifications but do allow for additional customization. In general, the Jeep Cherokee has a maximum interior cargo volume of just over 54 cubic feet total or 29 cubic feet without the seats folded down.

With a total passenger volume of 140 28 cubic feet, 41 inches of front legroom, and 39 inches of front headroom, the Jeep Cherokee is a spacious SUV. This vehicle features second-rowing seating completed with 60/40 split-fold rear seats to increase the interior cargo volume, as needed. It also has the seating capacity for up to five passengers.

Will the Jeep Cherokee Fit My Family?

Families with older children may have some concerns about the available passenger and cargo space in a Jeep Cherokee. Drop by Iverson Auto Group today to see a Jeep Cherokee, test out the seats and view the seat configurations in person.

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