When purchasing a used truck in Mitchell, SD, you should consider the purpose for which you will be using your truck. While most trucks are built to withstand a great deal of wear and tear, some trucks are better equipped to handle certain tasks than others. The frames of some trucks are reinforced to make them more durable, while others feature four-wheel drive to help you navigate tough terrain. Explore our used inventory of trucks at Iverson Auto.


If you plan to use your truck for heavy-duty tasks, such as towing or hauling, you will want to look for a truck with a powerful engine. Inquire about the engine options of various trims when purchasing used Chevrolet trucks.

You can upgrade your truck’s engine if it is not as powerful as you would like, but this will be an additional cost.


Used GMC trucks have the same performance as new GMC trucks. They can carry the same payload as new models and can drive off-road. You can take your used truck for a test drive to evaluate its performance.

The transmission is an important aspect of any truck, but it is essential in a used truck. A used truck with a defective transmission could be expensive to repair or replace. Check the transmission by a qualified mechanic before purchasing a used truck.


The majority of used Ford trucks have a comfortable interior since the majority of the features are intact. They have an air conditioning and heating system to keep the passengers comfortable. The upholstery is usually in good condition since it is rarely used.

The bed of a used truck should be inspected for rust and other damage. If the bed is damaged, it may be difficult to haul cargo or attach a trailer.


Used trucks likely will not have the same advanced features and technology as new trucks. Many used trucks have Bluetooth connectivity, touchscreen infotainment systems, and other desirable features. You can install an intelligent driver assistant system if the model of the used truck is compatible with the system.


Safety should be a top priority when purchasing a used truck. The airbags, seatbelts, and other safety features should all be in working order. You can install additional safety features, such as forward video monitoring if they are unavailable for the trim level you purchased.

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