If you are searching for a vehicle with the capability to hit any terrain on the side of the road, you will love the 2020 Jeep Cherokee we have at Iverson Auto. With the Cherokee comes a variety of great features to keep everyone in your vehicle safe and content through all your travels. From blind-spot detection to electronic stability control, you will never have to worry about the safety of your passengers as this vehicle is equipped with all the right technology to help prevent collisions with vehicles or pedestrians in the Mitchell SD area.


The 2020 Jeep Cherokee at Iverson Auto offers you a choice of three different engines to help you get exactly what you need when it comes to performance. What really makes this vehicle so valuable is that it has already been tested to ensure that it will make it through all types of strenuous weather conditions and terrain. Areas that the Cherokee was tested for is ground clearance, articulation, maneuverability, water fording, and traction. By testing these specific things, our dealership at Iverson Auto can better inform you of what exactly the 2020 Cherokee can handle.

Top Features

Wi-Fi - The Cherokee offers you and your passengers 4G LTE Wi-Fi that will connect up to a maximum of eight devices while streaming movies and downloading music.

SOS Call - With SOS Call, all you have to do is hit a button in an emergency, and you will automatically be connected with first responders closest to you.

Rear View Backup Camera - This camera allows you to have a full view of all obstacles behind you while you are in reverse.

Rain Sensing Wipers - Your rain-sensing wipers can automatically detect raindrops and adjust the speed of the wipers to the amount of rainfall hitting your windshield.


Heated Features

The 2020 Cherokee is excellent for those of you residing in an area where winters are cold and much longer. With a heated steering wheel and heated seats, you will find yourself warm throughout your travels.

Dual Climate Control

With the dual climate control, you and your front passenger can set your climate to whatever you desire to keep your side of the cabin at a certain temperature during your trip.

Dual-pane Panoramic Sunroof

If you and your family enjoy the sunlight on your trips, you will fall in love with the fact that the new Cherokee comes with a dual-pane panoramic sunroof to open your entire vehicle up to the sky.


LED Lighting

The fog lamps, tail lamps, and headlamps all use LED lighting, so you have all the light you need to travel safely during the evening hours. Even the daytime running lamps allow you to have the extra light you need during a foggy and dreary day.

Hands-free Liftgate

The hands-free power liftgate allows you to access your cargo space in the back of the vehicle by simply waving your foot under the rear of your 2020 Cherokee. This feature is convenient for those of you always carrying heavy items to your vehicle.

Standard Tire-fill Alert

Once you have filled your tires to the desired pressure, your vehicle will automatically send you an audible alert to let you know your limit has been reached. This helps to keep your tires from overfilling or not being filled enough. All you have to do is put in a number and starting pumping in the air.



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